Tuesday,  16 | 02| 2010 The Shaikh Zayed Hospital & National Institute of Kidney Disease, Lahore. handed over to ASK ENGINEERS to provide complete operations and maintenance services for the HVAC system, Boilers and Hot Water System in the Hospital. The system needs major repair and over hauling which will be done by our qualified engineers in the next couple of weeks. Our staff will be providing services 24/7 as there are no holidays for hospital and we have to provide maximum efficiency of the equipment and repair/ maintenance shall be provided at the spot without any delay. Monday,  14 | 06 | 2010 Started repair and maintenance of absorption system installed at kohinoor weaving PVT LTD, Lahore. This includes cleaning, Flushing and parts replacement of the system. The Solution will be sent for testing and then inhibitors will be introduced as per required to the system. ASK ENGINEERS BLOG.  What we do and how we do....... © ASK ENGINEERS, Lahore Pakistan.  2010